Inventions and Innovations by Per Halvor Lunde

standUP Liftseat, Movemaster sliding mattress, SitWalk and other inventions from Per Halvor Lunde

  • standUP lifts the person from the floor - max weight 160 kg
  • standUP - easy to carry back to the car - only 10 kg!
  • Nursing sling - instead of 6 persons manually lifting the patients, now 1-2 persons do the work without risking their own health. Safe and comfortable for the patient.

Working with patients both as a nurse assistant and as a physiotherapist has given me many experiences. These kinds of experiences from working hands-on often leads to ideas and thoughts about possible technical solutions instead of traditional manual and hazardous ways of solving practical problems. Thousands of employees have during the years in health care sector been exposed to unnecessary accidents and incidents. We need continuous development and innovations for making better equipment for the carers and the patients. In order to use the products in everyday work, the equipment has to be simple to understand, easy to apply and remove and comfortable for the patient.

Some of my own inventions are presented here:

1 standUP Liftseat a small lifting equipment – a lift seat made primarily for home care incidents – residents found on the floor”:

2 Movemaster sliding mat is used for transferring patients who are sitting or lying – or for turning them in bed.


3 Movemaster nursing sling for patients restricted to lying straight on their back for a period of time

4 Movemaster SitWalk is used for moving patients further back into chairs or wheelchairs.


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